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ESL Pro League – EU

Throughout the last 9 weeks teams have battled for their final placings and a spot at the $512,000 finals in London starting May 12th.

NiP found their way to the top of the leaderboard winning 19 of their 22 matches, while struggeled throughout the leage only winning 4 maps. Virtus.Pro will now have to play a premier team to see if they will keep their spot in the league or be deranked into premier.

There was a tight race for the remainder of the spots at the finals, and it eventually came down to rounds won as G2 and Na’Vi ended their seasons tied at 14-8. Seven rounds separated the two teams, but it was enough to put G2 through to the finals.

EnvyUs’ struggle continued as they only secured 7 victories and ended the season with a losing streak of 11. Thankfully for EnvyUs’ sake they were able to secure 9th place with their record and remain in the league.

The European side the league has now come to a finish and North America will finish their matches tonight.

Final standings and winnings for the EU league:

  1.  NiP – Final
    2.  Astralis – Final
    3.  fnatic – Final
    4.  G2 – Final
    5.  Natus Vincere – $27,000
    6.  dignitas – $23,500
    7.  FaZe – $20,000
    8.  mousesports – $16,500
    9.  EnVyUs -$13,000
    10.  SK – $9,500
    11.  FlipSid3 – $6,000
    12. – $3,500