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ESL Pro League – NA

North America has battled for 4 spots at the ESL Pro League season finals which start May 12th.

Similar to EU counterpart NiP, Luminosity walked their way through the event going 18-4. Bringing up the rear of the NA league was KKona. KKona’s appearance in the league was laughable as they were only able to pick up one map the entire league ending 1-21.

Once again there was a close fight for the remainder of the final spots. Optic edged out NRG for 3rd in the league and NRG fell to fifth Team Liquid who claimed 4th by a round win differential.

Cloud 9 who has stuggled as of late secured themselves the second spot. CLG performed poorly and ended in 10th place with a 6 game losing streak.

Final standings and winnings for the NA league:

1.  Luminosity – Final
2.  Cloud 9 – Final
3.  Optic – Final
4.  Team Liquid – Final
5.  NRG – $27,000
6.  Selfless – $23,500
7.  Renegades – $20,000
8.  WinterFox – $16,500
9.  Splyce  -$13,000
10.  CLG – $9,500
11.  Complexity – $6,000
12.  KKona – $3,500