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Finals of the iBuypower invitational – Team EnVyUs Reigns.

At the iBUYPOWER Overwatch Invitational on July 18th 2016, the finals turned out to be a match of seemingly epic proportions. The number one team in the world EnVyUs took on the number two team in the world Cloud9. To set the stage for the finals, Cloud9 swept the eighth ranked team in the world Luminosity 3-0. While EnVyUs swept the sixth ranked team in the world Code7 3-0. Both EnVyUs and Cloud9 came extremely ready to take the crown home as neither team even lost a round in any other match in the tournament.

In the finals it may have been clash of the titans, but the team with the most synergy was the team that has been a god among the teams in Overwatch competitive play. EnVyUs remains on top of the world after defeating Cloud9 3-1. In a rare showing, EnVyUs dropped a round to its worthy competitors, which dropping a round is a rarity in itself as the last time the dropped one was to Northern Gaming Red on July 9th. To their credit, Cloud9 did a really good job in trying to be the team to take down EnVyUs. As the second ranked in the world, there isn’t a better team to do it. Unfortunately the unity of EnVyUs was too much to handle. Perhaps the stars will align next time for Cloud9.

Defeating EnVyUs has become a trophy in of itself. The current win streak for the dominate team is now 38. It truly is amazing how one team can amass such a streak. Despite losing the occasional round, they have really been on point with their strategies and unity. One has to be curious how far they will go and who will finally take them down. What do you all think? Give your pridictions in the comments and we can see who predicted the fall or continued reign of EnVyUs!

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