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Fnatic Choose Wenton

June 3rd was the deadline to solidify each teams roster for the ESL Cologne Major which will be played out early July. Fnatic were left with the decision to play with Wenton or hope for Olof’s arm to be ready in one month.

Over twitter Olofmeister announced that it will be Wenton playing for Fnatic at the upcoming major. While Olof has been seen in a few FPL’s, it seems his arm just isn’t ready for him to take the leap back into CS:GO.

Fnatic has played surprisingly decent after bringing Wenton aboard the team in replace of their other stand-in PlesseN and it will be fun to see how Wenton competes at the $1,000,000 major.

More information on the major and Olofmeister’s arm will be posted as soon as we hear it.