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MLG has picked up Gears of War again!

The first summer event called Gears eSports European Open will take place in London UK, on July 8-10 and it’s featuring partners with Gfinity and Am2Pro. The opening bracket will be held at the Nottingham Forest Football Stadium, and the teams that qualify will compete at the Gfinity eSports Arena in front of a live studio audience. The tournament it will be streamed on .  

The second event, Gears eSports MLG North American Open is hosted by MLG in Ohio at the MLG Columbus Arena on July 30-31 and can will be available on and The North American event has a prize pool of $30,000, while the Gears eSports Gfinity European Open tournament has a starting prize pool of £10,000 that can be increased to £15,000.

More details about qualifiers can be found here

This is the first MLG Gears of War eSports since Gears of War 2, which is good news for the Gears community. The tournaments are a great opportunity for Pro and Amateur teams to bring the game back in the competitive scene while waiting for the new Gears to come out.