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“Nadeshot” Starts His Own ESports Organization

The wait for Nadeshots surprise is over as Haag has just announced his acquisition of a Call of Duty team and the launch of his new eSports organization called “Hundred Thieves”.

The name for his new brand seemed a bit odd, but Haag explained his idea for the organization’s name in his youtube video. “For me it’s always been about hustling, it’s something my father and grandfather instilled in my mind” Haag said. By definition a thief is a person who takes something that isn’t theirs. He’s using this definition as a motto for his team as he believes that his team is good enough to take the trophy from you. The $100 bill also seemed to be his motivation as he wants to bring Hundred Thieves to a financial state where he and the rest of organization have little to no worries. His team consists of the line up previously known as “King Papey”. After some solid placements Nadeshot decided it’s time to give them a chance and bring them upon his new adventure.

Oddly, his new adventure doesn’t seem to consist of much structure as it seems like he’s lacking some staff, a website, and sponsors. While I’m sure he has enough Astro headsets at home to spare for the team, it will be interesting to see what companies join up with Nadeshot as he is such a big name in the COD and eSports community. (@100Thieves has over 30,000 followers already) People underestimate the personnel and money required to run any type of organization. He will need a media team, coaches, finance teams, marketing teams, and possibly more eSport teams when hes ready to take the leap. Another controversy with him starting his own brand will be his relationships with Optic. Chances are he won’t be staying in Optic, but that doesn’t mean the two names can’t work together. Hopefully in the future we can see some fun videos or matches of the two teams playing together.

We at ITG wish Nadeshot the best with Hundred Thieves and hope to hear their name more in the eSports scene.