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Overwatch eSports is underway!

The first Overwatch tournament called Agent Rising is scheduled to take place at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California on May 28th-29th. The event is organized in less than a week after the game release on May 24th .

Source: Blizzard

The tournament is sponsored by Dolby and has a prize pool of $10,000.  The entry is free for spectators and the team pass is $210.  The event will be covered on the channel and will feature the following casters: AskJoshyFishStixTsquared and Jamerson

More information on the tournament can be found here

The event marks the start of the competitive scene for a game that is promising to be a hit. According to the figures released by Blizzard, the open beta has attracted 9.7 million players. 82 million hours were played and if we do the math, each player spent over eight hours on average during the beta period, including the two days of extension.  

So far, the game has received a lot of positive feedback and the beta figures surpassed the Division’s beta that recorded 6.4 million players. However, there isn’t enough data to predict the future Overwatch sales. The Agent Rising tournament is inviting all the NA pro teams to kick off Overwatch in the competitive scene.