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Panda Global Creates New League

In an effort to expand the professional side of Heroes of the Storm, Panda Global has created a North American gaming league. The league is something the players of HotS have wanted for a very long time. Panda Global is a very respected professional gaming team in many games, as well as an eSports agency. The players of HotS are very excited of the news they are getting an in-house league. They will have a chance to play with the best of the best professional gamers from the game. Panda global will be inviting every player from the Summer and Fall circuits as well as the top five hundred players from the Blizzard ladder. Those players will compete for six weeks, and the top players with the most points will win gear provided by sponsors of the league.

This is huge news considering there isn’t many eSport leagues that try to put amatteurs and pros together, so everyone has a shot at cool prizes. In the announcement Panda Global stated: “We’ve been planning this project for a while and it’s finally shaping up. We hope this will bridge the gap between amateur players and the professional scene…” This will surly help not only HotS expand on the professional scene, but perhaps other eSports can do similar leagues for amateur of their games.

Are you excited for this? Will you be participating? Let us know