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What makes CS:GO cases higher in the price?

Discover the main factors influencing the price of the CS:GO cases, and use this guide to predict cost increases and decreases.

What factors affect the value of cases in CS:GO?

Cases have been an important CS:GO element since they were added to the game. People use them to get some new skins, for profit, or just open them for fun. But have you ever thought about which factor is defining when discussing cases’ prices? Get ready to discover every major factor that can influence your case’s price so that you can get more value out of them.

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The freshness of the case

Once they just got in the game, random in-game drops are the main way to get them. So players will rush into the default CS:GO matches to try to get cases. In the first hours after the cases drop, their price might be over ten dollars on the market. 

With every hour, the price of the chest will go down and down. But if you still manage to get a new case in a couple of first days, you can easily sell it for a solid amount of money.

The price of the skins inside

The purpose of every CS:GO case is to open them to see what is hiding inside. Often, the prices of the items in the case are presented in a wide spectrum, but the peak price differs from case to case. If you want to learn more information about CS:GO skins and why they are so popular, check out this page

And so if the case has a couple of demanded skins that are selling under high prices, its price will also be higher. 

Availability of the case

Not every CS:GO case can be obtained 24/7. For example, there are souvenir cases that contain unique skins and can only drop while watching a pro game on a certain map. And now imagine what would happen to the price of the case and inner items if the case is no longer obtained. Such fate met the famous Cobblestone Souvenir Package, which everyone was capable of obtaining until Valve deleted the Cobblestone from the map pool. It happened in mid-2019, and since then, that case can be purchased for a minimum of $700. 

Such a tendency has also predefined the price of the items in this case. For example, AWP Dragon Lore is one of them, costing more than $8000.

Let’s take simple operation cases in comparison. Unlike the unique souvenir case, they drop all the time, and their price quickly gets very low after their drop. While souvenir cases are much more stable in price, but after a corresponding event, their cost tends to get lower.

Amount of cases on the market

One of the more obvious reasons for an item to change its price is due to redundancy/scarcity. To understand this principle, we must apply basic economy rules to the CS:GO dimension. 

So if there are least cases left on the trade market, users who own the final lots can easily start manipulating the price, increasing it. But if there are enough cases inside the game, the market should quickly fix itself and bring prices to the normal ones.

But if there are too many cases in the shop, the players can decrease their prices slightly. One lot like this will not cause any significant changes in the market, but if many players do the same, it will bring a case’s price much lower.

The media popularity factor

When it comes to the CS:GO community, there are plenty of different influencers which you can find on the various platforms. They make YouTube videos, stream on Twitch, etc. And if one of such influential persons will start opening a certain CS:GO case and get successful results with it, it can cause quite a resonance.

Due to these resonances, content creators’ viewers will rush in to purchase more and more of these cases, which will naturally cause an increase in their price.


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