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Best Smoke Spots in CS:GO’s Mirage Map

The maps are an element of utter importance for CS:GO competitions, even affecting the odds on eSports betting platforms, CSGO jackpot sites, and other endeavors. No matter how skilled a CS:GO pro-level team is, everybody have their favorite maps.

Hence, the more a punter knows about a map and the teams playing on it, the better his chances are to place the bet on the winners. In this article, you will find a compilation of top smoke spots in the CS:GO Mirage map.

CS:GO Mirage Map – Background & Features

One of the first maps introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Mirage is a bomb defusal site that combines all the core elements of the games – two teams battling their guts out to either defuse or explode the killer gadget. 

If you want an explosive gameplay experience, there’s no better CS:GO map than Mirage. Created by the well-known Michael “BubkeZ” Hull, this map is a version of the old community map de_cpl_strike available on Counter-Strike.

After the success of the original version in the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), Hull decided to create an updated version of the same map and ended up calling it de_mirage. 

When CS:GO finally came out, Valve Corp. decided to re-design the de_mirage map and add the new version to the game as part of the list of bomb defusal maps. 

Throughout the years, this map became listed among the community’s favorite scenarios to play CS:GO. All buildings feature Moroccan-looking architecture, despite the map’s design being inspired by a small Middle Eastern town. 

Mapping the Smoke Spots in CS:GO Mirage Map

If you like to work with grenades and smokes, Mirage was just made for you. This map offers several opportunities for grenadiers and skilled smokers to get the most out of each play and surprise enemies with resourceful tactics. 

The first is the “Mid,” which is an area that encompasses an open space between the map’s double bombing sites. Typically, this area witnesses most of the early game action, which players can explore to score valuable points.

This single contains three smoke spots – the “Sniper Nest,” the Connector,” and the “Jungle.” The “Sniper Nest” tends to favor the CT side, as terrorists need to expose themselves while CTs can camp early with an effective view for efficient riflemen.

Messing with visibility in this spot can surely be a game-changer. The “Connector” is a tunnel with stairs that connects players from the map’s mid-point directly to the first bombing site called “Site A”. 

Located between the “Connector” and the “Sniper Nest,” you will find the “Jungle.” This space offers CTs a useful funnel to access the “Connector,” which is often used by Terrorists to leave “Site A” as well.

The long set of stairs spread throughout the map can also be used by both teams. After exiting the “Connector” from the “Mid” side, users will immediately find the “Stairs.”

The “CT Stairs” refer to the dual routes that allow CTs to explore the map out of their spawn point going to “Site A.” This opening does not connect to the “Jungle,” which means players must necessarily make the other way around. 

Whether you’re playing as a CT or T, using these strategic spots to temporarily blind your opponents may give your team the upper hand in the match. 

Before facing your enemies on Mirage, proper drills are highly recommended. Using the game’s developer console, you can practice on the map without bots to explore the sites, memorize them, and train smoke throws until reaching exhaustion. 

A useful console command you can enable is “sv_grenade_trajectory 1,” which will permit you to see the trajectory of the smoke once you’ve launched it on a spot. 

Score Strategic Wins with Top Smoke Spots in CS:GO’s Mirage Map

Undoubtedly, Mirage (de_mirage) is an absolute fan favorite of the CS:GO community. In addition to its just-saw-a-camel design with Middle Eastern buildings based on arid land, the map is a rich opportunity for players of all levels to demonstrate their skills.

Not only they can strategically blind their enemies by throwing smokes on the right spots, but also use flash grenades and pre-fire spots to maximize their performance against skilled opponents.


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