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Overwatch drops Lucioball mode and limited items!

GOOOAL! The new seasonal event has begun! In order to celebrate the spirit of competition, Summer Games have been initiated with a new game mode and 90 seasonal loot boxes items. New emotes, sprays, victory poses, skins and player icons are now available! All the Summer Olympic themed items can be seen on the PlayStation Store

If you are considering buying Summer Games loot boxes do keep in mind that the boxes do not contain exclusive Sumer Games content. Exclusive items can be found only in the special loot boxes! What you are guaranteed is one exclusive item which can be either a skin or a voice line. Not to mention the fact tha there is a chance you might get duplicates, it is really up to you to decide if you have enough time to grind for all the limited content. If you really want to have the Rio items, another alternative is to buy boxes. The players can purchase two loot boxes for $1.99.  Some players on the forums and Reddit, requested the developer to allow the fans to purchase the Olympic-themed content with ingame currency.

Lucioball game mode? Yes, you read that correctly! The soccer-game type has a Rocket League feeling. On a soccer field, you have to use Lucio’s abilities to score. Overwatch assistant director Aaron Keller gave more details on how the players can use Lucio to master this new game mode. For this 3v3 match, some changes have been made. Lucio’s primary fire has been replaced with a melee attack that allows him to punch the ball, while blast of sound is helpful to launch the ball across the map.  Lucio’s ult, Sound Barrier attracts the ball towards the player and the speed boost affects only himself and not his teammates.  

Normally, the Summer Olympic themed game mode is supposed to feature only Lucio. However, players have found a glitch. If you’re playing the game on the PC or console, if you press H repeatedly as the game starts, the character select screen appears and you can get a random character. Various videos on Youtube have been posted and you can see other characters besides Lucio on the field. Blizzard is currently working on fixing this glitch as soon as possible. Did having another character on the field spice things up or did it just make your life miserable? I have yet to experience that in order to give an answer.

The Summer Olympic event runs from August 2nd to August 22nd, and from what Blizzard has announced, this is just the first of many surprise events to come! No other details were given about what the Blizzard team is preparing for their fans, but as soon as we find out, you’re going to be the first to know!

The official trailer for this event can be found here


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