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Legitimizing eSports One Player At A Time

Tyler “Spartan“ Ganza is the first of several players to be officially partnered with Money Matches. ITG sat down with CEO Zachary Edwards and Tyler to talk about what lies ahead and what this partnership really means.

This partnership with Money Matches gives Tyler a lot of freedom and room to grow. His horizons have opened and he now has access to new gear, Money Matches’ sponsors and some extra change in his pocket to go along with it. This partnership will also help him grow his brand by bringing in more recognition and a better following. When Money Matches’ official site is out of their closed beta, users will also be able to bet on Tyler, the tournaments he’s in, and any custom match he participates in.

In our talk with MM CEO Zachary Edwards, Edwards said that:

This is one small step in legitimizing eSports. We’ve seen how certain organizations treat their players and staff and we wanted to legitimize that. We wanted to make sure players have the backing so they can play at their highest level with little to no worries about gear or other possible burdens.

Tyler is the first of many players who will be joining us in the future. His attitude towards competing is great and he fits our mold. He’s exciting, accomplished, emotional about the game, and when it’s over he’s humble. We couldn’t ask for a better first player.

We also talked to Tyler about his new partnership and here’s what Tyler had to say:

I’ve known the owner (Zach) since I met him at the first Halo 2 Anniversary event. When he started up Money Matches he told me what it was all about and the idea struck me as really cool! Although I never thought the opportunity would arise that I would be able to partner up with MM, I’m super excited and happy it did!

Money Matches is going to change the way I game by offering me even more motivation. More social interaction and growth for my social outlets such as Twitter and Twitch is huge to me. I try to be a public figure and having a more broad fan base is amazing.

Whenever I need someone Money Matches is going to be there to help me which is also phenomenal. Sometimes things break ya know? If I need something they’re going to be there which makes me feel like I’m part of a family. Overall I’m super excited to begin this journey with the Money Matches and I’m honored to be their first Player.

We’d like to say congratulations to Tyler and Money Matches on their new partnership and we hope it works out great for the both of you in the future.


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