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S1mple Leaves Liquid

Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev Liquid’s new European star is now going to be taking a back seat on the team as he searches for a new one.

Traveling thousands of miles away from home can easily make someone home sick. You lose contact with family, friends and in S1mple’s case also his girlfriend. Because of his homesickness and difficulties within the team’s atmosphere, S1mple has stepped down from Team Liquid and will now be on a search for a new European team much closer to home. There have been many reports of people not being able to get along with S1mple as he is a passionate, but aggressive player. Not being able to have a great bond with his team has proven to be a large problem for both the team and him personally. He is now back in the comforts of his home streaming for Liquid until his contract expires. Team Liquid will continue to play with Eric “AdreN” Hoag as their 5th.