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Bots With Skins

Counter Strike has become a skin crazy game with many users paying hundreds of dollars for pixels on the screen. Just about every match you play or watch will also host a player who’s spent a decent amount of money on skins. It seems that CSGO’s oldest players are the only ones without skins to flaunt. That lead us to ask the question:

Should bots spawn with gun skins and what would the effects could this have?

Everyone at ITG came to an agreement that it wouldn’t be a terrible idea if the bots had skins from the map collection you were playing on. It would add some flavor to the very boring bots and would feature some of the possible items you could be dropped at the end of the game.

Click The Image For Each Collection’s Skins

Most of us also agreed that the chance for the bot to spawn with the weapon should remain similar to the items drop chance. If a bot constantly had a Dragon Lore while playing on Cobble, it could degrade the weapons value and would probably cause a fuss among high tier traders and collectors. (Reddit traders let us know what you think)

Players also might end up killing the bot for their skin or kicking a player in hopes that Bot Ian will show up holding a Factory New Dragon Lore. This could ruin a lot of the games fun, but don’t worry as there are a few solutions.

The ability to command a bot to drop his weapon is one that is needed whether or not valve added skins for bots. Valve could also add a better kicking system or a way to report false kicks. “Clutch or kick” situations and other stupid reasons players are kicked are starting to get old. (Adding skins has more positives that we thought!)

On the flipside, the spark in skins could possibly be the reason a player goes out and buys himself a Deagle Hand Cannon that’s great news for Valve.

While bots with skins shouldn’t be Valve’s priority, it might be something worth looking into.

Let us know what you think of the idea and if you can think of any more problems/benefits of adding skins for bots.


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