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CSGO Facts You May Not Know

If you’re interested in the specific and minute details regarding CS:GO weapons and utilities, all the stats and facts you need to know to increase your knowledge of CS:GO are right here! Enjoy.

– Just like the P250, the FiveseveN and the Tec9 are also a one hit headshot against armored opponents, and have a longer lethal range than the P250.

– The P250 deals the exact same raw damage (35) as the USP/P2000. Infact, it deals lesser damage at range compared to the P2000 because of its high damage falloff value. The only reason it is worth buying is because it penetrates armor much better than the P2000. If your opponent is unarmored, you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage everytime you use the P250.

– The Dual Berettas deal an insane raw damage of thirty eight damage per bullet. Three upclose hits against an unarmored opponent is all it takes. However it suffers from very severe damage falloff over range and has poor armor penetration.

– The deagle is not a one hit headshot at extreme distances : For example from Pit to Goose on Dust2.

– The MP9 fires as fast as the P90. People complain about the P90 being easy to use and overpowered, but the MP9 can be equally as powerful when used against unarmored opponents and hoards of enemies.

– You can buy a Mac10 on the pistol round if you save $800 and kill a guy, run back to spawn, and buy the gun.

The MP9 and Mac10 suffer the least bullet spread when jumping, landing, and running at full speed. Making them the most mobile SMGs. Other SMGs are far less accurate while jumping.

– The UMP deals the most raw damage (35) in the SMG category. Other SMGs do not reach thirty.

– The P90 actually deals the least damage (26) in the SMG category, but has the highest armor penetration value (65%), with the UMP following close at (55%).

– Interesting fact to note is that the UMP cannot penetrate anything more than a thin wooden surface (wood doors). All other SMGs can penetrate thin wooden boxes, but the UMP cannot, only being able to at slight angles.

– The XM1014 is the only shotgun that fires six pellets per shot. All other shotguns fire bibe pellets. It has however, the highest armor penetration (80%).

– The Sawedoff shotgun’s pellets disappear after a short distance of 750 units : For example the length of catwalk on Dust2.

– The Nova loses the least damage over distance. A 30% reduction per 500 units travelled by the bullet. (This value is shared by the XM1014). The other 2 shotguns lose a whopping 65% damage per 500 units traveled. This is why the Mag7 and Sawedoff are not worth the money if you plan to engage anyone beyond point blank range.

– The Nova is the least accurate shotgun when jumping while the sawedoff is the most accurate.

– The Famas is the weakest rifle. It loses 4% damage per 500 units travelled. The M4 is at 3% and all terrorist rifles are at 2% making them far more effective at range. The Famas is also the most inaccurate rifle.

– The AUG is the most accurate rifle. It is also a one hit headshot weapon at taser range. It can also penetrate thick wooden boxes which are impervious to M4s. Only the AK shares this feature.

– The SG553 deals more damage, fires faster, and is more accurate than the AK. It is a one hit kill at all ranges.

– The SG553 deals a whopping 37 damage to the stomach of an opponent, making it the highest possible damage a rifle can deal in a single shot. It is possible to kill an opponent in 3 hits. 3 pure stomach shots, or 2 stomach shots, and 1 chest shot.

– The AK has the lowest fire rate of any rifle. (Surprisingly, since it is one of the most if not the most used weapon of choice by most players and pros.)

– The UMP and the CZ75 share the same fire rate with the AK47.

– The M249 actually fires faster than any rifle in existence, but is still slower than the Negev.

– The SSG08 is 100% accurate when the user is at the peak of a jump and while falling.

– The G3SG1 slows down an opponent slightly more than the SCAR20 does when the opponent is hit.

– Molotovs deal more damage than incendiary grenades.


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