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New Nuke Will Make YOU A Better Player!

Valves recent announcement regarding the new map pool has sparked a bit of a controversy in the pro and amateur CS:GO scene. Many players and teams are very upset about the change as they’ll have to learn a new map and playstyle to go along with it. It will be rough for some teams adapting to this new map and I don’t think Inferno should have been the map that was dropped, but don’t fret though as Nuke joining the map pool isn’t all that bad and it may actually make you a better player!

Amateur players and teams should be excited for the change as it presents them the opportunity to dominate more skilled teams. The meta for Nuke is yet to be defined and new teams now have the chance to learn and invent the smokes that will help them win rounds. Maps such as Inferno, Dust 2, and Cache that have been in the map pool for a while are well known by just about every player and team making it hard to catch off guard or confuse the enemy. Many parts of the map come down to aim duals rather than any strategy and this is huge disadvantage for less skilled teams. Nuke with it’s many map changes is unfamiliar to teams, so many might struggle with learning how to play this new map. It’s time for lesser skilled teams to break out the smokes and come up with a new strat that will help them avoid aim duals and win more rounds.

Not only is this an advantage for teams, but for the individual player as well. After playing inferno for 100s of hours many of us might fall into “autopilot” where we continue to play the same way match after match round after round. (Click here for more on autopilot)  For a player who is struggling to rank up or increase their PUG stats, a change of map might solve their problems. When you’re in autopilot you’re less aware of the mistakes in your gameplay. When you’re playing a new map you focus more on fundamentals such as how you peek corners or trade and can better identify and weed out your problems.

The last reason I’ll mention has to do with how Nuke will appear to new players. When watching an Inferno match often times you sit their waiting until 10 seconds remain in the round before any action starts. Smokes slow down the game play a tremendous amount and to the new player that can seem boring. Nuke is a much more open map where I predict gameplay will be faster and action will await around every corner. Because of this more and more people will start to play CS:GO and their unique play styles will help you become a better player.

Change is not always good, but Valve’s most recent update might be one of their best.

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