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Worst CS:GO Players To Fight (Physically)

We at ITG are happy to present you with the 5 CS:GO players we’d least want to fight.

We’ve created this article for pure entertainment purposes and not to bash any Counterstrike players. Obviously strength has nothing to do with CS:GO, we just thought it would be a fun topic to cover.

#5 JDM64:

JDM looks like someone who has hit the gym more than once. His defined face and chin could take a punch and not even flinch. He’s also too big to sit down correctly and well we think that says a lot. Because of this JDM got the 5 spot on our list.

#4 Edward:

Based on the image from his Na’Vi interview it looks like he might do some type of fighting in his free time. In the interview itself we have no idea what he’s saying so we can’t confirm this, but even if we’re wrong he’s still a big man to go up against. Because of that Edward earned the 4 spot on our list.

#3 Freakazoid:

Freakazoid thinks he’s really big and it’s probably because he is. He wears a bro tank while playing CS:GO and if that doesn’t show some confidence in his body we’re not sure what does. Freakazoid isn’t the tallest player in CS:GO and probably doesn’t have the greatest reach. Because of that Freakazoid kept his #3 ranking.

#2 Pauf:

Pauf is a large man who clearly spends a lot of time in the gym. His large stature and built structure would give him a huge advantage over others in a fight. Not to mention he looks like he wants to punch someone in a lot of his photos. Pauf received the #2 ranking on our list.

#1 PashaBiceps:

Pasha’s name says it all. The man has some huge biceps.I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t wanna piss him off and have him release some polish power on my face. Pasha’s arms look like watermelons that could easily knock someone out in one punch. Because of that he gets #1 on our list.

Honorable Mentions:

NEO – Knows some MMA

FNX – Does some muay thai

Once again this article is completely for entertainment purposes.

We might of left a player out, or ranked someone too high so be sure you let us know over reddit or twitter!


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