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Arno “D8stee” Du Preez from Armor Legion Gaming (ALG) | Vengeance

Armor Legion Gaming (ALG) | Vengeance

Arno Du Preez

Manager and Player

  • How many years have you been in the Dota2 Scene?
    • Not that long really I got Dota 2 in 2012 but only really started playing in 2014 with my friends just for fun. In 2015 I started taking it a bit more serious and wanted to become one of the best players SA Dota has to offer.
  • What are your views on The South African Dota2 Scene?
    • Unfortunately the South African Dota2 Scene isn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong we have some talented players like Bravado, White Rabbit Gaming, eXdee and some of the smaller teams building some strong players but the majority of the Dota players are below average skill level, which makes it hard for teams to play on international levels because we don’t play at that level the whole time maybe 1 or 2 games will be really tough then the other 5 games are walkovers again.
  • What other e Sports experience do you have?
    • I have been in the COD scene from Black Ops 2 playing competitively. Almost made it to Premier playoffs but decided to give it a rest and that’s when I started playing Dota2 competitively. I have also recently started playing Rocket League and we are now positioned in Premier League.
  • Is this the first team that you are managing?
    • This is not my 1st team no I have managed a COD team back in the days of 2013 and I am managing a Rocket League team at the moment also Managed another Dota2 team last year.
  • What in your opinion is the most important aspect of managing a team?
    • The most important aspect of managing a team I would say is to respect everyone equally and when it comes down to it to make the harsh decisions it needs to be done.
  • What is it you do for your team?
    • I basically manage the team, captain games, arrange the matches, look for new recruits and try and keep everyone smiling.
  • What are your goals for your team?
    • My goals for the team are simple just to have fun and the winning will come on its own. My long-term goal will be to work with a team and get them to the next international where we can show the world that SA has more to offer than just Rugby or Cricket.
  • Who is the most valuable player on your team and why?
    • I would like to say I am one of the valuable players trying to keep everyone calm and making the decisions in hard times, but do not forget about the carry “SwaghettiYolonaise” trying to keep the composer of everyone ass well, while still farming to win the late game for us. We cannot forget about the supports they are the main reasons for our carry to survive the early game and get to late game and lastly but not least our Offlaner who is there to initiate for us and being an really big annoyance to the enemy teams carry.
  • How do you help your team out while they practice or play games?
    • I try to do research about what types of heroes go well together to try and work out the draft for games. I try to keep the team calm and keep reminding them to just have fun.
  • Is there a role you expect the most from?
    • I’m expecting to win my lane since I’m the mid at the moment for the team and keep coming up with strategies.
  • What do you expect from them?
    • Just to be online at least 3-4 days a week where we can play and practice games. To never get salty or tilted in a game and keep it for after the games. Always have fun in any game.
  • What is your biggest concern being the manager?
    • That the team will fall apart after losing a couple of games or that they will be recruited for other teams.
  • What is the biggest news you have ever given your team?
    • Biggest news would probably be that I told them I’m starting a team and would like them to join me on the journey.
  • Is it difficult having players across the country if you do not what is it like getting them together?
    • It is really difficult especially if you want to attend LAN events with the team and you have 2 players in Cape Town and one in Kimberley and the event is in Gauteng so it’s hard to arrange meetings like that but hey if we online it’s like we almost next to each other.
  • What is the South African Dota2 competitive scene like taking into account LAN’s?
    • Well in the last year I haven’t really seen much LAN’s for dota2 but it is expanding to more local LAN’s going into next year. This year there was a LAN this year called LanX where a small dota2 tournament was hosted. I did attend this LAN was really fun but sadly my team couldn’t make it since they were from Cape Town at that time.
  • Is there anything you would like to say?
    • All I want to say is that I’m looking forward to the future of dota2 and would like to see where it will take me and hopefully by next year or in 2 years you will see me at The International making SA proud.

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