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Overwatch Season 2 – New Rewards System and changes in skill rating

What’s new?


The new competitive season has been launched on September 6 on PC and Xbox One. The new patch introduced other small but significant changes. Overwatch fans were given a new map to enjoy called Eichenwalde and several changes that are meant to improve the game overall. The skill rating was changed from 100-point scale to 500-point scale and it now ranges from rank 1 to 5000. The changes are meant to make the players feel rewarded especially after experiencing the first competitive season. Getting rid of the fractional increments should make players have an accurate understanding of their potential and give them incentives to improve themselves. There are 7 Skill Ranking tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster.

In season 1, the constant fluctuation in numbers made some players feel frustrated. This is one of the reasons why season 2 is different. Depending on the skill you get, you will be placed in one of those 7 tiers. However, players can always improve and be promoted to another tier. What was added to the game is skill rating decay. Players with a skill rating above 3000 need to stay active to preserve their rating. If you are not going to play competitive for 7 days, you will lose 50 points per day until you log in and join the combat! The players will keep their tier despite the drop in skill rating. Though, Master and Grandmaster players need to maintain the minimum skill rating if they don’t want to fall into lower tiers.

In season 1, skill rating was not an impediment in group matchmaking. However,  Season 2 has a restriction in Competitive play.  Players cannot group up if there is a skill rating difference higher than 1000 from the other members of the group.  Players in Master and Grandmaster tiers need to be less than 500 to be able to play together. Diamond players will not be grouped with players who are completing their placement matches.


Players need to win at least 50 games to be part of top 500 and of course, it’s key to remain active to maintain that spot. If a player did not play a competitive match in seven days, it will be automatically removed from Top 500.  

One major change is the elimination of Sudden Death. On Control maps, winning three matches out of five will ensure you a win. On Assault, Hybrid and Payload maps, the time bank system will determine who is the winning team. Players will also receive ten more times as many Competitive points compared to season 1. Despite this fact, the cost of golden gun skins was increased by the same amount. Excitement gone. In other words, nothing changed when it comes to competitive points. The maximum points a player can collect is 6,000. After reaching that number, he player will be granted the rewards at the end of the season.

Keep an eye out for the new Overwatch events! ELEAGUE has released some news about the regional finals of Overwatch Open event that is scheduled to take place in September 25-30th  in Atlanta, Georgia. The champions of this regional playoff will compete in grant finals. In November, at Blizzcon 6 teams will compete in the OW World Cup. There is no prize money but the team participating will have their trip paid for and also receive some loot and of course, recognition! Community members have a chance to be part of the event and to represent their country in the tournament. Basically, the whole goal of the event is to bring the community together! We’ll make sure to keep you up to date will all the new upcoming events!


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