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JDM and Koosta, The Liquid and CLG Trade

Earlier today both CLG and Liquid announced the swap of players “JDM” and “Koosta.” ITG investigates onto why we think that this roster move was put in place.

Let’s look at the simple facts, JDM is statisticaly a better player and also known to be one of the best if not the best AWPer in North America. Koosta on the other hand has risen to his current state when Liquid picked him up a month or so ago. At the time, this pickup in general was very sketchy as Koosta was not a experienced nor star player. So what we get from this is that Liquid with the addition of JDM will gain a stronger AWPer and that might just be what they are looking for. On the other hand, CLG may have made this roster change because as of recently they have not been getting placements that they have liked. Although, we do not believe that this is due to JDM’s performance, as he has met his standards. I have came to a conclusion that a likely reason for this rather unexpected move is due to money being a factor. CLG may have profited a good amount of pocket cash if they are giving away their star player for someone that has no where near the impact that JDM has on a game. Let us know your opinion on this roster move!

Another piece of information reguarding Liquid’s potential new player in place of Adren has been leaked from ESPN. Earlier a report was posted in which Liquid would gain “Pimp” ,former pro for SK Gaming, as the permanent replace for the recently removed Adren. This move has not been confirmed nor denied by the organization as of yet. Another interesting piece of information which could lead to the starting roster for the upcoming Cologne Major.

Liquid have had a string of unsatisfying results over the past few weeks, most notably last place in ELEAGUE and a 5th-6th placing at ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals. Although, they must have high aspirations as they reached an all-time high performance at the previous MLG Major and are trying to recreate a lineup to reach that level once again. 

Ever since grabbing a good spot at MLG Columbus 2016, CLG have also been unable to find significant success, which saw them remove “Fugly” from the roster last month. They are now once again on the hunt to recreate their previous success, much like Liquid. 

Starting Rosters for the upcoming ESL One Cologne Major:


– “Cutler”

– “Hazed”

– “Tarik”

– “Pita”

– “Koosta”


– “Hiko”

– “Elige”

– “Nitr0”

– “JDM”

– “S1mple” (Stand-in)


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