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Pokemon Go Tips

If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet chances are you’ve caught wind of the Pokemon craze. ITG has too and here are our top 6 tips for Pokemon GO!

1. Catch them all! 

While constantly catching Pidgeys and Ratatas can be annoying, it’s worth it for the XP and candy you get. If you want to level up, evolve and strengthen your Pokemon, you really do have to catch them all.

2. Don’t waist your Incense!

You’re only given a few incense upon starting and have a small chance to get more when you level up. Incense last for 30 minutes and increase the likeliness that you’ll encounter a Pokemon. Only use one if you’ll be playing for all 30 minutes with your fullest attention.

3. Don’t spend money on Pokeballs! 

Do not worry about running low on Pokeballs. You’re given plenty per level and can easily obtain them by visiting a PokeStop. This brings us to our next tip…

4. Visit PokeStops with lure modules attached!

If you see a PokeStop with pink particles emitting, be sure to stop by. Those lure modules attract IRL trainers and in game Pokemon. It’s like using an incense but free! Just be sure to stay safe when meeting other trainers.

5. Make use of your Lucky Egg! 

When you hit level 9 you will receive an item called the “Lucky Egg.” This item doubles your XP for 30 minutes so be sure to evolve and level up your Pokemon during this time. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to save your candies until you reach level 9 so you can get the most out of the Ratatas you caught earlier.

6. Don’t Pokemon and Drive!

Saving the most important tip for last, ITG advises all users to keep of their phones while driving. It is easy to catch Pokemon while traveling at 50mph, but is it really worth risking your life? Stay off your phones until you reach your location. Your friends and family will thank you for staying safe.

If you can’t resist the temptation and really want to take advantage of all your free time, open the app and then set your phone to the side. While in traffic or traveling at a slow speed the app will rack up walking distance for your incubated eggs.

The Pokemon Go app is a great new thing, but be sure to use it in the right way. Stay safe, have fun, and don’t be the reason for the death of someone. If these tips helped you in any way be sure to share it with your friends and keep coming back to our site for more great content.


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